What is FiveStars?

FiveStars creates enterprise-style loyalty programs for small businesses. They provide small businesses with both hardware and software, which allows them to interact digitally with their customers. The aim of FiveStars products is to increase customer engagement, and create better experiences for small business customers.       

What is FiveStars Connect?

FiveStars Connect is any cashier-facing product.

It can be integrated on Point of Sale
It can be a secondary app on Point of Sale
It can be a cashier-facing tablet that sits next to the Point of Sale.

For this iteration, I worked on a pilot program which would allow cashiers to assign points automatically, based on the dollar amount spent. This software would work directly on a Point of Sale system, in conjunction with the native software.

My Role

I worked together with another designer to hone the user flows, interactions, and edge cases for this new product. 

She and I created wireframes to pitch ideas to the team.

We created visual mock-ups and assets for final deployment.

We worked on a product team along with a PM, a front-end developer, and several back-end developers.

Post-Transaction Flow

This pilot had to accommodate two different user flows, depending on whether the cashier selected the customer before or after finishing the transaction.

Finish Transaction


Modal Reminder


Select Customer from Screen


Modal Confirmation

Pre-Transaction Flow

This pilot had to accommodate two different user flows, depending on whether the cashier selected the customer before or after finishing the transaction.

Open FiveStars Connect


Select Customer


Optional: Redeem a Reward


Finish Transaction



Interviews Conducted

4 Fast Casual Restaurants

3 Cafes

2 Vape Shops

2 Retail

1 Hospitality

1 Nail Salon

1 Grocery Store

1 Movie Theater

Common Trends

Cashiers love seeing regular customers. They're like family.

Remembering a regular's usual order is huge!

Cashiers gauge the customer's mood before engaging them.

Cashiers are motivated by making customers smile :)

Cashiers want to be treated as human beings.

Regulars often just want to get in and out.

Cashiers care about how the business is doing.

Cashiers like tips, but aren't directly motivated by them.

Pain Points

Rude, entitled customers who don't treat them like people.

Rush times can be overwhelming and stressful.

Slow hours can be boring and frustrating.

Badly designed POS systems can make it difficult to put in an order.


Usability Testing

We evaluated the pilot program in several different FiveStars Business locations. We found several usability issues.

Cashiers were confused about how to add new customers to the system.
There was also confusion about the different types of check-ins, since mobile check-ins were still rare.
There were rarely very many people in queue, so the empty state was common to see.
Cashiers found it awkward to identify customers by phone number.

Next Phase: Second Screen

Because the AutoPoints Pilot was operating in the background of the normal Point of Sale software, it was out-of-sight out-of-mind for many cashiers. The next version would run on a vertically-oriented tablet, which woudl sit beside the Point of Sale, negating some of these issues.


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