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What is Jott?

Jott is a text messaging platform that empowers teens to connect to their classmates and chat with them without relying on data or wifi.


iOS, Android

My Role

I worked alongside another designer to design new features and finesse interactions.

Together, we created flows and finessed mock-ups.

I also spearheaded the redesign of the Android app, to bring it in line with Material Conventions.

I worked on a product team with a team of iOS and Android engineers, to implement the final designs.

Fun Ways to Chat on Jott

Chat over bluetooth (no WiFi or data).

Timed Messages.

Send stickers, GIFs, photos, & videos

Jott Chat
Jott Class List

Class List & Viral Growth

The class list is a fun way to connect with your classmates and see what they're up to.

We built a swiper mechanic to get students to vote on who is in their school. 

This helped Jott grow virally within specific schools & helped to vet students from lurkers.

Expiring Stories

Share your stories with your schoolmates.

Organize club activities.

Livestream and share school events.

Jott Home
Jott Home
Profile – About Me – Friends
About me-YES

Shared Interests

In our interviews with teens, we discovered that they had a difficult time finding friends with shared interests at their school.

We designed the shared interests feature to allow students to find who likes the same stuff they like and facilitate new friendships.

Bonus: Jott Brazil


Basic chat app to create a free communication tool for high-density, low-income communities.

My Role

I led the design of this entire app, and helped coordinate implementation with 1 product manager, 2 Android engineers, and 1 QA engineer


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